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DVD "Trier Cathedral" is now available

Großansicht - Öffnet ein neues Fenster

The new film on Trier Cathedral from SWR Television, telecast recently on television, is now available as a DVD in German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish and Russian.
The 30-minute film encompasses over 1,700 years of Trier Cathedral’s history and illuminates its significance as a place of pilgrimage, as bishop’s church, and as a testimony in stone to Christian faith.

The Cathedral film gives the viewer numerous glimpses into normally hidden rooms and behind closed doors, such as the Holy Robe Chapel, where the most recent inspection of the Holy Robe has been documented. The DVD is now available exclusively at the Cathedral Information Office and in the Cathedral Treasury for € 9,90.

The film by Peter Jochen Klein spans a wide arc from the beginnings of the Cathedral in Late Antiquity up to the present of the oldest bishop’s church in Germany – as in the past, a living center of faith.
Emperor Constantine’s incentives to build the church are highlighted as well as the significant roll of his mother, Helena, who, according to tradition, was the founder of Trier Cathedral and who is said to have brought the Holy Robe to Trier from a pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
The film, with its virtual walks through the Trier church complex from Late Antiquity, offer an impression of the grandeur and splendor of the largest double church complex of its time north of the Alps. A staged dialog between the founding bishop, Agritius, and the Cathedral architect demonstrate the initial problems of building a church in Late Antiquity.

With its diversity of architectural and artistic elements from 1,700 years, the Cathedral represents today unique testimony to Western architecture. Since the last restoration, the church is literally held together by a steel construction visible in a walk atop the Cathedral vaulting. The film thus enables the viewer numerous glimpses into hidden rooms and behind doors normally closed to the visitor, such as the Holy Robe Chapel, where SWR Television was permitted to film exclusively the most recent inspection of the Holy Robe.
The film shows in great detail the importance of the Cathedral as a place of pilgrimage, as bishop’s church, and as a testimony in stone to Christian faith, thereby giving those connected to the Cathedral in a special way an opportunity of speaking.

Bishop Stephan Ackermann summarizes the most important themes of the film with a reference to the timeliness of faith today.

This imminently interesting film illustrates clearly the varied dimensions of Trier Cathedral, a structure on the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage. 

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